Beyond the Benedict

Welcome to Ladies Who Brunch!

I think I can speak for both of us when I say that this blog has been a long time coming and we’re so excited that it’s finally materialized. From our all-you-can eat cafeteria brunches freshman year of college to our newly discovered Brunch Runs in DC, Emily and I are all about brunching–and everything that comes with it.

To some, brunch is little more than some odd make-believe meal that happens sometime between breakfast and lunch. Others may be a bit more accepting of brunching, but don’t see much beyond the tasty food and bottomless mimosas and bloody marys.

To us, brunch is an experience.

First and foremost, of course, is the food. Without the sweet waffles, salty eggs benedict, and over-stuffed omelets, brunch just wouldn’t be brunch. But beyond the food, brunch is about taking time to slow down, enjoy the weekend, and share stories and smiles with good friends.

Thanks for joining us and we hope that you’ll share this experience with us as we jouney through DC–one brunch at a time.


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Life is an adventure. Live it.
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