Brunching at the Office

Clearly, when we think of brunches we think of the long, lazy brunches we tend to have on Saturdays or Sundays. With its lack of meetings and deadlines, the weekend tends to be much more conducive to the brunch experience than weekdays.

But what if two brunches a week don’t quite cut it? Some of us have needs, you know..

Despite the chaos that can often define the workweek, I am convinced that we still can find the time to take a quick break and try and insert some brunch into our office life.

For a modified weekday brunch, it’s probably smart to omit the booze and the intricate recipes. Rather, the key to an office brunch is trying to incorporate some of the brunch experience into your daily coffee break or bagel run.

A few tips to bring brunch to your office:

– Instead of grabbing your coffee/bagel/food on the way to the office first thing in the morning, see if you can hold off until you’ve got your first few pieces of crucial morning work completed. Answer those pressing emails, finish anything on a tight deadline, and then take your coffee or food break. This tiny delay turns your routine from a rushed on-the-go breakfast to a less harried mid-morning break.

– We all have days when we have to eat at our desks because our work loads are too intense, but it seems reasonable to assume that on most days a ten minute morning break probably won’t completely derail your schedule. Try to sneak off for ten or fifteen minutes and eat/drink at your local coffee or bagel shop or take a nice break in the office kitchen or break room. They say you shouldn’t do work in your bedroom because it’s a place of sleep and relaxation. Likewise, I think we should try not to eat and relax at our desks, because they are places of work and stress. Step away from your desk and enjoy the calming nature of brunch in a more “exotic” spot.

– Bring your friends! One of the beauties of brunch is that it gives us a chance to slow down and enjoy the time with our friends. Just because we’re at work doesn’t mean we can’t have this. When you go to the kitchen or make a food or coffee run, grab a co-worker and make him/her come with you. Even if it’s just five minutes, you can make that quick break a mini brunch experience. Just make sure that you get a few smiles and laughs in–because that’s what brunch is all about.


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