Mother’s Day Brunch Reunion

Maybe Mother’s Day wasn’t the best day to pick our first restaurant for a Ladies Who Brunch review…

Figuring all of the top brunch spots would be full of families, we opted for more of a nighborhood spot and wound up at Cafe Saint Ex. From the outside, Cafe Saint Ex is a quaint little corner restaurant with a great patio for outdoor seating. The ambience was great for a low-key brunch with friends, and we were seated as soon as we had our full party ready.

Unfortunately, the meal was underwhelming. As Emily said, “It felt like the perfect low-key brunch place except for the actual brunch.”

The food was all edible, but I don’t think we’d go back anytime soon (for the food at least–can’t complain about the bar).

Luckily, there were plenty of pros to outweigh the cons of the food. Emily and I reunited with an old college friend who was in town from New York with one of his buddies. Catching up with an old friend more than made up for the lackluster food. In fact, we were so distracted by our friend and his still-drunk pal, that we completely forgot to snap photos of the meal.

While the food certainly could have been better, our Sunday morning was the perfect example of a great brunch experience with friends. We caught up on life’s stories, laughed at life’s stumbles, and parted ways hoping to make our reunions more frequent.

All in all, a nice way to kick off a Sunday.

The food:

Classic Ham Benedict ($10): Poached eggs, english muffin, hollandaise, hash – As a lover of eggs benedict, I had high hopes for this brunch classic. Unfortunately, both the English muffin and the ham were on the cold side, and neither the egg nor the hollandaise sauce were strong enough to cancel out the off-putting temperature. The hash that accompanied the benedict had some nice paprika seasoning, but was a bit over-salted.

Brioche French Toast ($9): Seasonal fruit – Today’s seasonal fruit was a rhubarb and strawberry mixture. Despite its success in pies, we should have known the combination wasn’t going to be great on the french toast when our waitress warned us that the strawberries (straight from the Dupont farmers’ market) were a tad bitter and tangy. She claimed it made for a great combination with the sweet maple syrup, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Both of the boys ordered this meal, and neither was a fan of the pureed rhubarb and strawberries.

Egg White Omelet ($8): Mushrooms, spinach, cheese, mixed green salad – Emily opted for the healthy option and went with the egg white omelet, which changes daily. Nothing too impressive, especially since the daily selection today was pretty basic. The salad was served with a decent vinaigrette, but was nothing to write home about.

With all of the restaurants in the Logan Circle and U Street areas, I’d recommend people to check out other options before heading to Saint Ex. We’ve heard great things about Birch & Barley and Bar Pilar, and will certainly check them out ourselves and report back soon.

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did and has a sane Monday tomorrow.


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