What Is Brunch, Part II

In conversations with friends about this blog’s subject, Rachel and I have discovered that brunch is a nebulous concept that many know but few can really define.

I’ve already written about brunch as an experience, etc. and the fact that there is no single correct way to brunch. One of the things we plan to explore is what this experiences means in different places and to different people. For example, I think brunch in Manhattan is a huge cultural phenomenon that just can’t be replicated here in D.C.–I once had a 3 pm brunch that lasted for two hours during a visit to NYC–but then this city has its own unique brunch practices. And I think it’s fair to say that brunching in Savannah (where I’m from) versus the lovely Corte Madera, Calif., which Rachel calls home, offers something entirely different. And then you’ve got global brunch–does the concept even exist?

I will say this: I don’t consider my rushed pre-work bowl of cereal brunch. (Sidenote: there’s a cereal bar that recently opened in the Cleveland Park area. Not sure yet if this counts, but perhaps we’ll explore in a later post.) Nor is a PB&J, eaten while watching bad Saturday afternoon TV, brunch. It all goes back to savoring the time you spend preparing (or ordering) and eating the meal.

So…some people (ahem) have a lot of strong opinions about what brunch is and what it isn’t. We’d like this blog to be interactive and reader-friendly, so tell us: What does brunch mean to you?

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One Response to What Is Brunch, Part II

  1. Sonja says:

    Brunch = First meal of the day; savoring the flavor with friends. Congrats on the blog, Emily!

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