Midnight Brunch

I’m a big fan of midnight brunch. After all, who doesn’t love late-night pancakes and omelets? Forget hitting Jumbo Slice (or Manny and Olga’s?) on the way home from the bar–whip up some brunch food and I’m happy.

One of Duke’s traditions is to host Midnight Breakfast each semester during exam reading period. The dining halls (the Marketplace on freshman-only East Campus and the Great Hall on West) open up for an all-you-can-eat buffet of every great brunch (and non-brunch) food you could imagine. My favorite Belgian waffles? Yup. Bacon and eggs? Oh sure. It’s a smorgasbord of all the junk you need when you’re looking at a week of late nights. And when you’re an upperclassman, you don’t get the luxury of a buffet, nor is there a readily available waffle maker anywhere on West (I definitely forced my younger sister to spend her Marketplace guest meals on me), so Midnight Breakfast is quite a treat. There’s generally a theme–I seem to recall Harry Potter and Winter Wonderland–and one of the keys is to get the t-shirt designed specifically for the event. [Sidenote: For whatever reason, Duke students LOVE free t-shirts and will throw elbows over them. This may be universal, I don’t know.]

My other experience with midnight brunch was at the holiday cotillion back home in Savannah. After the debutantes are presented and everyone has had a drink or four, there’s an impressive spread of both traditional and fancy brunch foods. Think cheese blintzes and cheese grits alongside scrambled eggs and bacon. And, of course, a cocktail of your choice.

So here’s the question: Are there any spots in D.C.–besides diners and the like–that serve late-night brunch? Please leave a comment/suggestion if you have ideas. If there aren’t any, perhaps we’ll investigate making our own midnight brunch for a future post.

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