Weekly Brunch Round-Up

Weekly Round-Up – from DC with love:

  • For all you single DC readers, this looks like a great way to combine brunch and speed dating in one tasty morning. Simply Brunch, a new Meetup group, claims to combine “a conversation party, Speed Dating, and 8 at 8.”
  • These days, it’s easy to turn to Google to find good brunch recipes–and I’ll admit that I tend to go for online recipes over traditional cookbooks. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to take the old school route. MyNorth.com from Northern Michigan introduces a new brunch cookbook for your culinary explorations.
  • An Easter brunch gone wrong at the Harvard Faculty Club lead to a temporarily restaurant closure and multiple cases of the norovirus.

  • The Wall Street Journal agrees with us that pizza can be a brunch food.
  • New York has one of the most well-known brunch scenes around. Unfortunately, though, the prices can be a little out of control for a lot of folks. LifeStyler has a run-down here of New York brunch on a budget.
  • I’m all for a fundraiser event, and this event support childhood obesity–which is clearly a huge issue in America. There’s a bit of irony, though, in hosting a dining event to raise money for obesity. I know (and love) Southern food, and there’s no part of Southern cooking that combats obesity.
  • Serious Eats is already one of my top places to go in search of recipes, and this recipe here for Oatmeal Shortbread does nothing to keep me away. As someone who is a recovering Crackling Oat Bran addict, I have no will power to resist this heavenly concoction.
  • DCist does a quick review of the new brunch menu at Tallula’s. It’s one to add to our list!
  • Bay to Breakers (a 10k run/boozefest from the bay to the ocean in SF) wasn’t the only fun thing going on in San Francisco this past month. For those less inclined to run and/or drink copious amounts of alcohol, there was the chance to check out Amuse Brunch–which featured a competition of one-bite brunches. The photos are sure to make you hungry, so click at your own risk.

That’s your round-up for the week, folks. Until next time!


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