History Lesson

Here at Ladies Who Brunch we’re very supportive of the morning cocktail (see Rachel’s post on Bloody Mary magic), often referred to as “hair of the dog,” depending on the previous night’s activities. That’s a pretty weird saying, and we’ve discovered that some people don’t know where it came from. So here’s a little history lesson, courtesy of Wikipedia.

The phrase is English in origin and refers to alcohol drunk to cure a hangover. More interesting, though, is that the literal meaning comes from an old treatment for rabies: Apparently, people used to put the hair of the dog that bit them in the wound. Yuck. I like the post-night out usage better.

Anyway, other languages have similar colloquialisms to justify morning drinking. In Costa Rica, it’s “hair of the pig,” while in Slavic countries it’s “a wedge dislodges a wedge.”

Post coming soon on other hangover cures–both food and drink.

Sidenote: For a variety of reasons, we did not brunch at Founding Farmers on Sunday. Sorry. It’s at the top of our list for next time.

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