Tools of the Trade, Basic Prep Edition

Like in any creative endeavor, a successful chef is only as good as his or her toolkit. There are many kitchen gadgets and gizmos one might use to prepare brunch, from the basic (the whisk) to the totally unnecessary (a strawberry huller–why not just use a paring knife?). Today we bring you a few things you might need in the preparation stage of any good brunch. We’ve tested these particular picks and can give them our highest recommendation.

5-Piece Parker Bowl Set, $36.95 (Crate and Barrel)

These bowls are sturdy, can be used for mixing or serving, and the range of sizes makes the set great for just about any large meal. Plus they look great out on display.

Parker BowlsOXO Angled Measuring Cup, $7.95 (Crate and Barrel)

The angle on this brand of measuring cups means no more bending over to find the level of milk, only to find you’ve poured an 1/8 of a cup too much.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons, $16.00 (Williams-Sonoma)

Good measuring spoons are critical, and these will hold up better than a plastic set.

Silicone Spatulas, Set of 3, $22.50 (Williams-Sonoma)

These spatulas come in fun colors and are very durable. Perfect for scraping the last drops of pancake batter out of your Parker bowls.

Giada De Laurentiis Silicone Wire Whisk, $9.99 (Target)

I’m a big fan of silicone tools, and this is no exception. Perfect for whipping up scrambled eggs.

Stay tuned for more tools of the trade–including a few that are totally impractical but also totally fun to use.

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