Experts in Residence

Before we started Ladies Who Brunch, I never really pictured myself as a blogger. I’ve been an avid blog reader for the past few years, but I never thought I had enough original content to actually write one myself (TBD how long I’ll actually continue to produce fun, original content).

But now that I’ve started blogging, I don’t want to stop!

Honestly, Emily and I are having so much fun cooking, eating, exploring DC, and sharing  our recipe and restaurant insights with all of you. We’re hooked!

While we may not be like some of the big-time bloggers (and probably never will be) who get perks from restaurants and shops to try their food/product and review it on their blogs, there are certain perks that even lowly bloggers like ourselves get to experience:

  1. First and foremost is the food. We’ve both always had passions for good food–whether it’s food we cook or food we order at a restaurant–but this blog has given us the excuse to spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about it.
  2. Because of this blog, we have a whole new reason (and way) to explore the city.
  3. The final perk (and perhaps the biggest ego boost of them all), is that Emily and I have become the de facto brunch experts among our friends and co-workers. It’s a lot of fun to have friends ask us for brunch recommendations and to be able to give them a list of options best-suited for the occasion. I love that this blog has given me a way to help out my friends and put my brunch knowledge to good use!

So thanks to all for reading and allowing us to entertain ourselves as much as we are. Because as much as you may enjoy reading the blog, I guarantee that we’re enjoying writing it even more!


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