Weekly Brunch Round-Up

From DC with love:

  • I’m not saying that they stole the idea from me, but my post came out first 🙂 Washington Post’s Express Night Out has a blog post titled Beyond Benedict: Serving Up Sunday Brunch at Home that has some great tips about hosting your own brunch.
  • How could I not be intrigued by this headline? Franken Raises Money to Oppose Rand Paul–And He Likes Brunch. Al Franken and I seem to have a lot in common. We’re both hoping Paul doesn’t win the Kentucky Senate race and we both think brunch is the best meal of the week.
  • I got 4 out of 5 on this quiz about the caloric content of your favorite brunch foods. They say knowledge is power, but I’m also a fan of being blissfully ignorant…
  • All the cool kids are doing it. The New York Post writes about brunching as a new sort of club scene.
  • Care of JDate, a follow-up to my Art of Jewish Brunching post: a history of bagels.
  • If you happen to be passing through Dubai like the Sex and the City ladies, be sure to check out this brunch special. $54 for buffet + unlimited drinks.
  • For you DC vegetarians out there, the DC Vegetarian Cooking Group is hosting a farmer’s market potluck brunch on June 6.

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