Award-Winning Brunches

Rachel has abandoned me for two weeks at the World Cup in South Africa (can’t understand why), so it’s unlikely I’ll be brunching out in her absence. However, I’ve made it my mission to find a bunch of good restaurants to try when she returns. Making up for lost time, you know.

Where to start? The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington held a swanky black-tie party on Sunday in honor of the RAMMY award winners–the best of the best in DC dining. If these restaurants can win recognition among the area’s most discerning diners, they must be good. Here’s a look at the four that offer brunch:

  1. Co Co. Sala, Favorite Restaurant: Obviously known for its chocolate (a 5-course dessert tasting and a selection of chocolate drinks, for example), Co Co. Sala also serves Sunday brunch. French toast s’mores, Louisiana crabcakes and something called “hotcake obsession” (all of which incorporate chocolate), followed by a dessert plate?  Yes please. Sundays only, 11 am to 3 pm.
  2. Vermillion, Upscale Casual Restaurant: Located on King Street in Alexandria, Vermillion has an impressive menu based on local ingredients. On tap for brunch–eggs Benedict, strawberry pancakes and a soft shell crab BLT. Saturday and Sunday, 11 am to 2:30 pm.
  3. Seasons, Restaurant Employee of the Year: One of the dining options in Georgetown’s Four Seasons Hotel, Seasons serves breakfast every day and also offers Sunday brunch. I’m not big on hotel restaurants and the brunch menu isn’t available online, but I’m pretty confident that anything at the Four Seasons would be worth investigating. Sundays only, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.
  4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST…Birch and Barley, New Restaurant and Hottest Bar Scene: I’m obviously very supportive of Birch and Barley’s success given that it’s located across the street from my apartment. I’ve been for dinner and drinks at the upstairs bar, but I have yet to try brunch. Though all the mains look incredible, the Grand Marnier French toast, truffled Croque Madame and fried chicken and waffles caught my eye. I’m also way into the bread selection (we’ve already mentioned the toffee-bacon donuts) and the “boozy brunch” (donut holes, two cocktails, an entree and tea/coffee for $28). Sundays only, 11 am to 8 pm (yes, all day!).

I’m thinking Birch and Barley might be first on the list when Rachel returns from soccer/safari. And maybe we can finally arrange a brunch blogger meetup with the ladies from Bitches Who Brunch and Brunch and the City? If you’re looking for great recommendations on where to eat, these girls have been brunching in DC for longer than Rachel and I, so be sure to check them out too.

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One Response to Award-Winning Brunches

  1. Bharet says:

    Emily –

    My name is Bharet and I am the co-owner of Co Co. Sala. Thanks for including us in your suggestion and I look forward to you and your friends coming over for Brunch. You are going to love it. Do let me know how your experience is but also let us know when you are going to make it (perhaps after Rachel is back).

    Also, do follow us on twitter and facebook as it is the best way for us to keep our patrons up to date with information.

    Take care and should you need anything, feel free to email me.

    Thanks again for mentioning us in your blog.

    Co-Owner Co Co. Sala

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