The Art of the Smoothie

Apologies again for sporadic posts–my sister was in town, I completed my first triathlon this past weekend, and Rachel is trying to recover from her long trip home from South Africa and the inevitable re-entry trauma of bills, work and real life. Also, when you write for a living, the last thing you want to do on most evenings is go home and write some more, though blogging about brunch tends to be a bit more fun than my other beats. Anyway, today’s post is on one of my favorite morning meals: the smoothie.

I first started on my smoothie kick back in my club swimming days because they are quick, easy on the stomach and full of delicious and nutritious ingredients. When I started running in high school, smoothies were the perfect end to long runs in the Savannah heat. I still crave them after a tough workout–Duke figured that out and had an extensive smoothie menu at Quenchers, the fitness center cafe. I even received a special smoothie blender as a gift from my grandmother (it has a spout and a special stir stick), though it’s been through so much that it may be time to upgrade.

I’ve tested smoothies from chains like Smoothie King and from delis, bakeries and the like, and absolutely nothing beats the homemade variety. Even the options at Quenchers weren’t great. I don’t like places that use sorbet or fro-yo or syrupy fruit because the smoothie becomes less a healthy meal and more a sugary dessert. But the wonderful thing about smoothies is that they’re like omlettes or kitchen sink cookies. Just about anything goes. And they’re portable for busy mornings.

The Best Smoothie Ever


  • Fruit: Any combination will work. I particularly like strawberry/mango/peach, but berries are good, and bananas go with just about everything.
  • Yogurt: Vanilla or fruit-flavored. Dannon’s Light and Fit vanilla is my favorite.
  • Juice: Again, anything goes, but it depends a bit on what fruit you use. Orange is a good go-to.
  • Add-ins: ice (if you don’t have frozen fruit), wheat germ (for an extra nutritional hit), peanut butter (duh), or any other flavors you’re craving.


To make one portion, pour juice until it covers the blade of the blender (around 1/2 cup). Add about a cup of yogurt, the fruit (I tend to use at least 1.5-2 cups, depending on how many kinds I have) and any additional ingredients. Blend on high. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!

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