Top Chef: DC Episode 3 Disappoints

How does Bravo make it so difficult to watch a show that features two of my favorite things (food and DC, obviously)?

I refuse to give up all hope yet, but so far this season of Top Chef: DC has failed to live up to my expectations.

This week, the show went for an All-American spin in tribute to our great capital and the upcoming holiday weekend.

Despite the chefs’ impressive culinary credentials, they are all completely overwhelmed when Johnny Iuzzini, the pastry chef at Jean Georges, announced that the quickfire challenge was to bake a pie. Amanda even went so far as to complain that she wasn’t a professional pastry chef, and thus was unequipped to bake a pie. Give me a break…

After some questionable looking pies, including Tracey’s failed attempt at a blueberry almond crumble, Kenny emerged victorious with his banana foster pie with currants and won immunity for the elimination challenge. Despite his poor performance last week, I’m becoming a big fan of Kenny–in part because I’m still in awe of his quickfire from the first episode in which he destroyed the competition with his speed in chopping and peeling. I’m looking forward to watching him this season.

The elimination challenge this week was a BBQ challenge at Mt. Vernon for a group of Hill interns. Was it just me, or did a lot of those interns seem really old?

I love BBQ, but it seemed like a lot of these recipes lacked the flair that Top Chefs usually bring to their food. Arnold won the challenge with his sesame lamb meatballs with lemongrass, and also won the honor of being one of the more annoying chefs (him and Amanda might have to battle it out for first place).

Tim, our hometown hero, found himself in the bottom four with his pork two ways. He also was lucky enough to have a bird crap on his table as he was serving food to the judges.

Joining him at the bottom were Tracey (Italian sausage slider), Kevin (Puerto Rican BBQ and rice & beans), and Stephen (bacon-wrapped sea bass). In the end, Tracey’s undercooked, over-fenneled sliders were deemed the worst dish of the day. Guest judge Jonathan Waxman (of Top Chef Masters fame) even went so far as to say his ten year old son could have done a better job.

I thought Tracey was a fun chef to have around, and I’m sad to see her go (for sake of interesting television). Hopefully next week the Top Chefs will bring a little more to the table. I’m still hopeful…


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One Response to Top Chef: DC Episode 3 Disappoints

  1. tyla says:

    I read this article once about how with all of the reality television shows running for so long, they’ve started to run out of talent. So now, it’s not a season of all-stars, it is a season of moderately talented chefs who don’t even know how to bake a pie. I think this is true for shows like American Idol too…which is sad, because reality TV is much less entertaining to watch these days.

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