Weekly Brunch Round-Up

From DC with love:

  • The New York Times features my favorite drink, the bloody Mary. Craving a rosemary-infused one after reading the article.
  • Sometimes, simplicity wins when it comes to brunch. For those looking for cheap and easy recipes, check out this list.
  • Bon Apetit may be on the wrong side of the brunch debate, but I support freedom of speech–and will allow you to decide the winner after reading their anti-brunch rant.
  • In Houston, one writer opts for “lunner” instead of a traditional brunch.
  • The Peta Files, a PETA-affiliated blog, just named DC the most “veg-friendly” city in the country. Sticky Fingers and Asylum are both highlighted as great veggie brunch options.
  • I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to be “trying to get on the map as hot brunch spot,” but Agora, a Mediterranean-inspired spot in Dupont, is trying to do just that.
  • Ok, Wonkette has a point. Sometimes we might blur the line between brunch and breakfast. But doesn’t brunch just sound more fun?

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