Chocolatey Heaven at Co Co Sala

Sometimes, a girl just needs some chocolate. Luckily for DCers, Co Co Sala delivers in a huge way.

This was my second trip to Co Co Sala, but my first time visiting for brunch. Emily and I grabbed a few girlfriends and made our way to the chocolate heaven that is Co Co Sala. With its plush red velvet booths and mellow ambiance, this “chocolate lounge” is a great place for a date or a meal with the girls. Probably not the best place for male bonding, but whatever floats your boat.

We all agreed that the brunch was delicious–and were particularly pleased with the nice balance between sweet & savory and breakfast & lunch options. While you certainly have the chance to go for the super sweet chocolate-centered meal (such as the French Toast S’Mores, which Emily chose without hesitation), Co Co Sala is able to use chocolate in unique ways to highlight its flavor even in some of the more savory dishes.

The brunch menu gives you the option of ordering a prix fixe menu, which includes the amuse of the day, a main dish and a dessert for $22, or order a la carte. Between the four of us, we ordered four brunch cocktails, one prix fixe (so that we could all try the amuse bouche and the dessert), and three a la carte main dishes. At 11:30 in the morning, I’m not sure that we could have all stomached a sweet amuse bouche and a dessert, so splitting those decadent sweets was perfect.

For cocktails, we opted for the “Berries & Bubbles” (red berries / hibiscus / bubbly), the

Brunch Cocktails

“Peachy Keen” (white peaches / amaretto / bubble), the “OJ Fizz” (your typical mimosa), and the “Wasabi Bloody Mary.” My two favorites were the Berries & Bubbles, which was sweet without being too sweet, and the Wasabi Bloody Mary, which was spicy without being too spicy.

The “amuse of the day” on Sunday was a cinnamon and chocolate fritter. The dish actually looked more like a truffle to us, but we let this misnomer slide and dug right into the chocolate. Not only was the presentation beautiful–as was the trend throughout the entire meal–but the cinnamon and chocolate were a perfect combination and the soft interior paired nicely with the crispy exterior.

The main dishes also called for a rounds of “oohs” and “aahs”–both for plating and taste. Emily’s French Toast S’Mores was the most unique dish–and the one that most fit into our concept of a chocolate lounge. When a plate of cinnamon brioche stuffed with house-made marshmallow, dark chocolate and graham shortbread is placed in front of you, there’s not much you can besides start eating. Add in the warm banana compote, which tasted like a cinnamon and sugar soaked banana and was my favorite part of the dish, and a milk chocolate mousse and you have a recipe for a food coma.

French Toast S'More, Banana Compote, Milk Chocolate Mousse

Based on our waitress’ recommendation, Megan opted for the Hotcake Obsession, which is two citrus ricotta pancakes served with a white chocolate lemo cream, a berry compote, and a caramel passion fruit sauce. This dish was DELICIOUS. My comment when I tried a bite was, “It tastes like a cloud.” Granted, I have no experience eating clouds, but I can only imagine that they would be as light, fluffy, and melt-in-your mouth good as these hotcakes.

Citrus ricotta pancakes with white chocolate lemon cream, berry compote and caramel passion fruit sauce

Gabrielle and my savory dishes were equally delightful. My Grown-Up Grilled Cheese with truffle-scented brioche, cheddar cheese, roasted tomato soup, and a cheese fritter was the perfect amount of buttery, salty deliciousness. I was pleasantly surprised by the fried basil leaves that accompanied the roasted tomato. I would have never thought to fry basil, but it was a great textural contrast to the smooth tomato. The tomato soup was nothing too write home about, nor was the cheese fritter–but that buttery, truffled brioche and salty cheddar more than made up for anything lackluster. I’m telling you folks, go to Co Co Sala and order this dish.

Fit for an adult

Gabrielle ordered the Artichoke Tart with creamy hearts of artichoke, tomato confit,

Creamy artichoke tart

and truffle & tarragon vinaigrette. I didn’t try any of the sides, but the tart itself was wonderfully creamy with a smooth artichoke flavor and a flaky crust. Gabrielle cleaned her plate pretty well, so I can only imagine that the rest of the dish was equally tasty.

We wrapped our meal up with the Onyx, which is a dark chocolate mousse with vanilla creme brulee, salted caramel, macadamia nuts, and brownie. At first bite, the dessert seemed like not much more than a brownie, but once we dug in and got a bite with all of the components we were all very happy campers. The salted caramel, in particular, was the stand-out part of the dish.

All in all, our experience at Co Co Sala was terrific. We were well taken care of and were obviously very pleased with the culinary aspects of the restaurant. When you have good service and great food, you can’t help but want to go back. We didn’t even see the chocolate bacon on the menu, so now we have an excuse to go back and give it a try.

My one complaint? They were all out of the Some More Creme Brulee. Yet another excuse to return..


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