Is Brunch Just a Trend?

Salon has a really interesting article today about America’s obsession with faddy foods (faddy..not fatty, though I’d say we probably have an obsession with the latter as well).

One of the theories as to why we cling so eagerly to cupcakes, pork belly, food trucks, and macarons is that, unlike many other countries, we have learned to view food as a commodity rather than a fundamental human need. Perhaps our “fickle eating habits” align with our views of life and society in general, including “science, progress, open-mindedness, abundance and an emphasis on commerce and entrepreneurship.”

Looking around DC, this obsession with “in” foods is quite apparent. I don’t think I can even count the number of tangy frozen yogurt shops, food trucks, or cupcakeries. And as much as I enjoy all of these foods, I have to admit that I’m getting tired of some of the trendy foods. Because let’s be honest–who needs that many cupcakes??

Recently, I’ve been reading a few pieces that claim brunch is on the same list as these “faddy foods” and is nothing more than a trend.

But this lady doth protest.

If spending a relaxing weekend morning/afternoon with good company and good food is something we only do because it’s the latest “it” thing, then it’s time to re-think our priorities. Brunch doesn’t have to be about seeing and being seen (though it can obviously be used for such). Brunch is about enjoying your day and finding time to slow down with friends.

If we can all embrace these finer points of brunch, I find it hard to believe that this pastime will ever follow the fate of the Adkins diet, Cosmopolitans, or acai.

Let’s not let brunch become a passing trend.


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One Response to Is Brunch Just a Trend?

  1. Amanda says:

    Well said Rachel. I love taking the time to spend on brunch. Not a fad at all!

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