Endless Summer, Endless Brunch

Emily and I both jet set out of town this weekend. Emily headed down south to Charleston for her cousin’s bachelorette party while I hopped on a Bolt Bus up to New York to have a reunion with some of my best girl friends from college.

With perfect weather, a swanky room at the W, and a weekend of laughing with old friends, it certainly felt like the summer could have dragged on forever. Hopping on the bus back to DC on Sunday was a painful reminder that summer vacations are things of days gone by.

Though my vacations may not span more than a weekend, I am definitely of the mentality to live it up and appreciate the break while I have it.

Since a weekend in New York isn’t complete without a boozy brunch, as Saturday rolled around we donned our cutest sundresses and made our way to the Australian oasis known as the Sunburnt Calf.

For $18, we got a brunch entree and unlimited drinks. Unfortunately, since it was my friend Becca’s birthday, those drinks also included three shots that were forced upon us by the bartender. Still recovering from our Friday night, my stomach wasn’t quite ready to handle my go-to Bloody Marys–let alone pink, syrupy shots. But birthday boozing beckoned, and I forced down one of the shots.

My crab cake benedict certainly looked pretty, but the taste was disappointing.  I’m a huge crab fan–crab cakes, crab soup, fresh crab, etc–so it takes a lot for me to pass up something with crab, but I could barely make it through one of the crab cake benedicts. The winner of the meal were the banana buttermilk pancakes, which were over an inch thick and were reminiscent of banana bread more than a traditional pancake. Total order envy.

Best entree of the day award goes to these banana pancakes

My subpar crabcake benedict

Sometimes, though, you can have a great brunch with mediocre food. Brunch set the tone for the day, as we proceeded to spend the next three hours wandering, and people watching, through Central Park and finally making our way back towards the hotel for pedicures and preparation for another night out in the city.


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