Bachlorette Brunch

While Rachel was playing in NYC, I spent the weekend soaking up the wonderful Southern charm of Charleston, SC and celebrating my cousin’s upcoming wedding (less than two weeks away now!). You have to brunch over a bachlorette weekend, right? Right.

After a few bachlorette-y activities and a night out in the Market District, the group wanted a good filling meal. There’s no better way to cure exhaustion–among other things–than a simple yet greasy diner meal, and even more so in the South.

After saying goodbye to a few girls who had long car trips home, we headed to Sweetwater Cafe (recommendation from the guys at the hotel’s reception desk, who seemed wildly amused by us the entire time we were there). The place had a typical diner ambience–the decor, furniture and open kitchen plan, for example–and a menu to match. There was some debate as to whether we should go for breakfast food or move on to lunch, but other than the bride (who, with a lot of self-control, chose a salad), we all indulged in the former.

I have a hard time passing up pancakes at diners, in part because I love pancakes and also because you can’t really mess them up (I don’t trust eggs/meat quite as much), so I ordered the banana-pecan short stack. Not only did they come filled with Georgia’s favorite nut, but the pecans were sugar-coated and in huge clusters. So good, and exactly what I wanted.

We also had an order of blueberry pancakes–so many blueberries in there–and two egg/cheese sandwiches on good Southern biscuits, accompanied by hash browns. And lots and lots of coffee.

While the fancy brunch at POV and the low-key yet sophisticated at-home meal both are great options for brunch, sometimes you just need a little bit of grease and the diner experience. Plus, when in Rome, right?

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One Response to Bachlorette Brunch

  1. Catherine says:

    To be fair, my salad had those sugary pecans as well. Mmm, what a delight. Great post as usual. Love love.

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