Bacon Brunch

Recently, a new movement of brunch haters has sprung into existence to question whether brunch is all it’s hyped up to be. These haters try to tell us that brunch isn’t all that great because you can just as easily have the meal at home–and avoid restaurant brunches altogether. Clearly, these people haven’t tried the bacon flight at Eola.

After reading about Eola’s new brunch and bacon flight a few weeks ago, I knew I had to add it to my list of DC brunch spots to try–and had to check out this highly acclaimed bacon.

The location and ambiance at Eola were both terrific. The restaurant has two levels, though I only saw the lower level–which has only six tables, and thus makes for an intimate atmosphere that facilitates conversation. As far as location (20th and P St. NW), I was a huge fan of a post-brunch jaunt through the Dupont Farmers Market.

The best thing about Eola, hands down, was the bacon flight. With this dish, Eola took brunch to a whole new level and presented a special dish that isn’t close to anything I could prepare at home. Though the rest of the brunch menu is a fairly typical brunch menu with pancakes, french toast, eggs, etc., the bacon flight differentiates Eola from other DC brunch locales.

Eola has four bacons on its menu, and lets you choose three for $12 for the flight. Since I don’t consider myself a bacon connoisseur, I asked the waiter what he recommended for the flight. After explaining that the Duroc-Hampshire was most similar to what you can buy in the grocery store, he recommended the Tamworth Bacon, Ossabaw, and Farmer’s Cross.

Unfortunately, I was too focused on the huge hunks of bacon in front of me to note which one was which, but all three were delicious! This was the most mouth-watering bacon I have ever eaten.

The left-most piece was an extremely fatty cut of pork belly that literally melted in our mouths. I’m the kind of person that tries to avoid fatty meat and will cut around it when possible, but this piece of bacon may make me re-think that approach. This was by far my favorite cut. The right-most cut was a hickory smoked piece of bacon that tasted almost like a pork brisket. The middle cut was tasty, but was overshadowed by both the first and the third pieces.

NOTE: We split this flight between two people, but you should definitely bring a few friends to share it with. Neither Dan nor I finished our entrees after pigging out on the bacon.

The bacon flight wasn’t the only impressive part of the meal. After reading the menu, I knew I had to order the Cheddar Grits. Even though I didn’t need the extra food, I’m so glad I ordered the side dish.

The grits had more texture than is typical, and had a great bite from the chives and the cheddar cheese. I found this dish to be a great balance to the saltiness of the bacon.

For our entrees, Dan got the burger and I got the eggs and hash. Both were tasty, especially the rosemary-spiced potatoes, but the bacon and the grits were the stand-out dishes of the day.

Our recap: Head to Eola with a small group of friends for an intimate brunch–but make sure your friends like bacon!


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