Weekly Brunch Round-Up

From DC with love:

  • My mouth is watering at this PB&J Pain Perdu from Serious Eats NY. This is definitely something that you could recreate at home.
  • It can be a pain in the butt to make your own Bloody Mary mix from scratch. Instead, turn to this round-up for the best mixes you can buy.
  • If you liked my banana french toast idea, you’ll love this recipe for banana waffles.
  • Brunch with Bobby is slated as a new show on the Food Network spin-off the Cooking Channel.
  • Our fellow brunch blogger Claudia is encouraging people to head over to WTOP to nominate their favorite DC brunch spot.
  • What could be holier than finding a condom in your soup during Easter brunch? GROSS.
  • New York’s “Brunch Bunch” heads to the city’s hottest brunch places and asks people why they’re there and if it’s worth the wait.

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2 Responses to Weekly Brunch Round-Up

  1. leti says:

    hey dolls! we miss you desperately at WHIPPED! are you back from vacay? hope you enjoyed. well, some very brunch worthy ingredients this week. self rising flour, lettuce, lemonade and strawberries. i am dyingggg to see what you guys in particular will whip up. im craving brunch! 🙂

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