Brunch Blog Fail

I’m so sorry that Emily and I have been MIA this past week or so. We’ve both been swamped at work and getting ready to head to our respective homes (Savannah and San Francisco) for Labor Day weekend.

With so much going on, neither of us has had much time/motivation to write. I’ve only brunched once this last week–and I have to admit that I was still hurting pretty badly from tubing the day before to take notes or photos. I will tell you that Bread & Chocolate (West End & Upper Van Ness/Chevy Chase) does a very tasty french toast at a good price.

I’ve been promised a champagne brunch in San Francisco, and I’m sure Emily will do plenty of brunch cooking with Marc and her family–and so you can count on us to come back next week with some great posts!

Until then, have a great Labor Day weekend.


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3 Responses to Brunch Blog Fail

  1. Ruth says:

    …and there’s the perennial Marin favorite- Comforts for Friday brunch

  2. Liz says:

    I used to live up near Bread & Chocolate so it was in my regular rotation – not my favorite brunch place but pretty good!

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