Post-Race Brunch

I love being an athlete. Aside from the thrill of training and racing (which is pretty great), it gives me the flexibility and freedom to eat and enjoy good meals–even to indulge every now and then. After a recent training race with the DC Tri Club, during which thousands of protestors were marching on the Mall and the cops showed up to shut US down, Marc and I were starving and desperate for a filling meal. Since I hadn’t been to the store and didn’t have the energy to make that happen, we headed to Commissary, one of the better Logan Circle brunch spots.

I’ve always been big on nutrition and proper fueling, and it’s definitely important to replenish the calories and protein you lose in an intense workout or race. But I also appreciate flavor, so as long as there’s something I consider “healthy” in my meal, I can be convinced to indulge a little. More on actual nutrition in a future post.

We ordered eggs benedict with spinach and tomato and a breakfast quesadilla with eggs and veggies and served with salsa and guacamole. Yes, there was a lot of cheese and egg involved, but we’d just spent a significant amount of time in an all-out race to the finish line. Neither of us likes hollandaise sauce (how we ended up ordering eggs benedict, I don’t know), so we scraped that off and shared the two dishes. Both were good and filling and provided the salt and flavor I was craving. And I didn’t even feel guilty about enjoying it.

Breakfast Quesadilla

Commissary isn’t anything fancy, but it has a cool eclectic vibe and the food is pretty good. Plus, there’s almost always a wait, so it’s a popular local spot. I recommend it for a tasty but relatively casual and inexpensive meal.

Eggs Benedict--before removing the hollandaise

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  1. Ann Williams says:

    Loving your blog! Keep it coming!

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