San Francisco Ski Lodge

Finally--a photo!

So I guess this could be considered another example of my failings as a blogger because 1. I can’t find my camera cord to upload the photos of the awesome decor/vibe from my recent brunch and 2. I was so happy when we got the food that I completely forgot to take pictures of the actual meal.

But despite these shortcomings, hopefully I can still convey enough about my delightfully relaxing brunch to convince you all to take a trip out to the west coast and brunch at The Grove.

As you probably know, I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. This past weekend, I hopped on a cross-country flight to go visit my family and one of my best friends from college who is now a super-star 2L at Hastings Law School.

After a Friday of manicures/pedicures, shopping, and a walk along the bay, followed by a night out at the bars, I wanted nothing more than a Saturday morning (which turned into Saturday afternoon since we both slept until noon) brunch.

We arrived at The Grove in San Francisco’s Marina neighborhood and I felt like I had walked into a 1970s ski lodge (a la Hot Tub Time Machine). It was fabulous. Mismatched rugs and couches plus the fireplace in the corner gave this place an awesome vibe that was perfect for a low-key brunch with a good friend.

Not only was the ambiance great–and clearly one of the Marina’s places to be seen–but the food was really tasty and hearty. Linds got an egg and cheese bagel, while I ordered the HUGE breakfast burrito.The laid back atmosphere and simple brunch menu epitomized all that I love about the west coast.

I could have lounged by that fireplace all day, but a walk to the beach was calling my name.


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One Response to San Francisco Ski Lodge

  1. lindsay says:

    yay!! i’m taking janan this weekend 🙂

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