Be Not Wasteful

When cooking for one or two, it’s often difficult to make use of all your ingredients–or your leftovers–before things start to go bad. After all, who wants to eat the same meal four or five nights a week?

One of the great things about brunch is there are ways to make use of leftovers from lunch and dinner so nothing goes to waste (this is particularly useful when your leftovers aren’t enough for a whole extra meal). When Marc and I made the long trip down to Savannah for Labor Day weekend, we made sure to enjoy the good food my mom prepared–and a few sunsets over the river at the same time. Dinner on Friday was grilled fish, peppers and onions, along with roasted potatoes and yummy bread. So when it came to fixing brunch later in the weekend, it just made sense not to let those leftovers sit in the fridge. What to do? Make enormous omelets!

Mom cooked up delicious omelets filled with potatoes, peppers and cheese, which used up all the extras from dinner. We also toasted world’s best bagles (shoutout to Midtown Deli) for a complete meal.

Empty The Fridge Brunch

So be thoughtful about using your leftovers–put extra taco meat and sauteed veggies in an omelet, or incorporate rice or pasta into a quiche. Pretty much anything can go in a breakfast casserole (within reason–you still have to consider how your flavors work together). You can use anything sweet in pancakes or waffles, and leftover bread that will get stale or moldy can be used to make French toast.

Tell us: how have you used your leftovers creatively?

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