Brunch at the Beach

After Monday night’s ice storm, it seems like summer and beach weather will never come. While January might not really be the most apt time to think about a trip to the beach, just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you have to forfeit a tropical brunch. Instead of moping around and trying to motivate yourself to trek outside for brunch, why not host your own “brunch at the beach” for you and your roommates (and any brave friends who want to venture to your apartment).

What you’ll need:

  • Music. You can’t simulate the beach without appropriate tropical music. How about some Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole or some fun reggaeton to set the mood?
  • Mini umbrellas. No matter what boozy brunch drink you opt for today, drink umbrellas will add the necessary beach pizzaz that will elevate your brunch from an everyday morning at your apartment to a “brunch at the beach.”
  • Fruit. I know a lot of your typical tropical fruits aren’t in season right now, but opting for the frozen option isn’t the end of the world. Try tossing your favorite fruits into a smoothie, yogurt parfait, or pancake/waffle batter.
  • A blanket. Why eat all of your meals at the table? Mix it up a bit by moving your brunch to a more beachy picnic-style meal on the floor.
  • Shorts and a tank top–or even a bathing suit! Since you’re staying inside for brunch today, there’s no need to grab your winter coat and scarf. Instead of bundling up, why not strip down? Turn the heat up for an hour (just don’t keep it on too long, or you’ll see it in your energy bill at the end of the month) and enjoy the warmth by busting out your beach clothes.

We’ve been saying all along that brunch is a state of mind–so we might as well bring a beach state of mind to these dreary winter days!


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2 Responses to Brunch at the Beach

  1. Ruth says:

    so…. are you planning a brunch at the beach this weekend?

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