Neighborhood Hangout: Dos Gringos

I cannot rave enough about this Mt. Pleasant breakfast, lunch and dinner spot. I used to live in Columbia Heights, and would force my roommate to walk a mile through the heavy August heat just so we could have brunch at Dos Gringos. Yes, it’s that good.

This past weekend, Emily and I were in the neighborhood for Quarter Life‘s Exchange Your Ways: Clothing Swap at the new Nana location at 3068 Mt. Pleasant Street–and I knew I had to make a stop at Dos Gringos.

The Vibe: Dos Gringos is the epitome of a neighborhood restaurant. Everything they do just screams “we are unique” and “we love our customers.”From the moment you walk in, you can tell that this place is one of a kind. You enter the door and walk through the dining hair, which has a hodgepodge of tables and chairs full of people relaxing. No one is in a hurry, and everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and their company.

Once you get through the dining area, you make it to the counter and kitchen–both delightfully bold and colorful. The menu, with every breakfast item is priced below $7, is written in Spanglish and posted above the counter. The staff is always friendly, and serves up a warm smile with every order. The walls surrounding the counter are filled with bright announcements of community events and advertise Dos Gringos’ bagged lunch program and intercambios (which give English and Spanish speakers a chance to meet and practice their language skills).

Using numbers to distinguish orders would be too generic for a place like Dos Gringos. Instead, they give you some sort of toy animal that servers use to find your table. Paired with their random assortment of mugs for your coffee or tea, and you’ll find that your table looks much more like a comfortable living room than a restaurant.

The Food: Interestingly enough for a place that I’m writing up on a brunch blog, the food is actually the least exciting thing about Dos Gringos:

As I mentioned above, nothing on the breakfast menu is more than $7. Even the bagel with lax, the most expensive thing on the menu, rings in at $6.50. My go-to dish is the Tofu Extra wrap: scrambled tofu with roasted tomatoes, black bean mash, and avocado. Add a little hot sauce for some extra kick, and you’re good to go. The Cilantro Egg wrap is another personal favorite–and their specials are always tasty vegetarian dishes.

The Verdict: I’ll say that the food at Dos Gringos may not blow you away (and usually needs a little salt or hot sauce for some extra flavor), but it is still one of my favorite DC brunch spots. Come with your best friends or significant other, and I promise that you’ll fall in love with this place too.


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3 Responses to Neighborhood Hangout: Dos Gringos

  1. MtP says:

    The only thing you got right in this post is that the food at this establishment is entirely unexciting. Every time I have tried to venture into this place I have come across patrons that are sick of standing in line, self righteous staff that act like it is your privilege to be in their establishment, lots of arbitrary and selectively enforced rules, menu items that are still on the menu but are no longer available, and for all of your efforts you end up with mediocre food. I swore this place off years ago. It was one of my greatest disappointments in moving to Mount Pleasant.

    • mommyworks says:

      Dos Gringos is not worth the effort. My experiences are completely opposite from Rachel’s. The staff are rude, the owner is even ruder and the food is lousy. I too am woefully disappointed in Dos Gringos and am so excited that some serious competition is moving onto Mt P Street this spring.

  2. Rachel says:

    How interesting that we’ve had such different experiences! I certainly agree that the food needs some work/flavor, but I’ve always loved spending a leisurely morning there–and have always found the staff very friendly.

    I’ll have to check out some of the new Mt. P places that mommyworks said are opening in the next few months.

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