Fosters: On Every Durham Trip

Rachel and I both ventured down to Durham this past weekend — for separate reasons, but we drove together, which is way more fun than 4.5 hours alone each way.

No trip to D-town is complete without a stop at Fosters Market, the lovely little spot founded and run by Sarah Foster. It’s turned into quite the local favorite, and it’s inevitably crowded at all hours of the day. They serve brunch faves like pancakes, omelets and breakfast burritos; wraps, sandwiches and salads for lunch; and hot meals, along with the entire deli menu for dinner. There’s also a wide assortment of beverages (alcoholic and non-) and baked goods. And it wouldn’t be a “market” without all the extra goodies — cookbooks, pepper jelly, biscuit mix, a plethora of candy and plenty of other regional fare.

I can guarantee that every Duke student has a Fosters fave (or five) — I’m particularly partial to the veggie and Thai wraps and the granola bowl. The scones are delish too. I would say that not everything on the menu is a huge hit, but the overall experience is absolutely worth the trip.

So Rachel and I debated what to order, as the standard options were as appealing as the specials (okra omelet and raspberry pancakes). The granola to share was an absolute must — it’s usually served with banana, strawberry and vanilla yogurt, but they were out of banana — because it’s crunchy and sweet and always always a hit.

Rachel ordered the herb/cheddar biscuit with eggs and bacon. It was good, but the biscuit was a little bit overwhelming and the flavor nothing special. What is it with places (Bayou Bakery too) and the oversized biscuits?

I ordered the omelet special: eggs with okra, corn, spinach, smoked gouda and a spicy tomato coulis. Plus breakfast potatoes and fruit. I have to be honest — while the dish sounded great in writing, it was a bit disappointing. The flavor was good , other than the need for salt, but it was too eggy and came out a little bit cold. I liked the idea of the corn/okra combo, but it lacked some depth. I saw a huge plate of pancakes on the table next to us and immediately wished I’d ordered that instead.

Ok, so Fosters wasn’t the super hit we were expecting or remembered. I’d like to think it’s due to our great brunching experience/expertise and our refined palates. I’ll still visit every time I return to Durham, but I’ll keep in mind that they do some things better than others. And the granola is always going to be the former.

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One Response to Fosters: On Every Durham Trip

  1. Randy says:

    Looks awesome. Next time I am in Durham, I’m going there for brunch.

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