Running Makes You Hungry For…Brunch!

What’s better than an awesome long run in sunny weather?

One followed by a yummy brunch with some of my favorite run bloggers, obviously!

We’ve already had a cupcake extravaganza and a dinner party, so Liz offered to host a post-Cherry Blossom meal — even for those of us who did not run the race.

Rachel, (other) Liz, Katie, Beth, Amy and I all gathered late morning at Liz’s house, where we found a full-on spread of frittatas, fruit, coffee cake and make-your-own waffles. That’s right. A waffle bar. And lots and lots of champagne.

Almost everyone had just come from either the race or a workout and was dressed in running gear. So typical. Amy and Beth even rode their bikes from their run to brunch. I had just run 12, and Rachel and Liz came directly from the race finish. In any case, we were all STARVING and ready to inhale lots and lots of calories.

I’ve never made a fritatta before, but now I definitely will attempt it. Especially Liz’s feta-mushroom-spinach creation. The coffee cake was super moist and made with both apple and apple sauce. I also had a waffle with fruit and a piece of Beth’s sunflower-seed biscotti. I think it’s safe to say Rachel and I were both full after all that.

Thanks to Liz for hosting — and can’t wait until the next food- and sweat-filled blogger event!

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