We Brunch and We Run: GW Parkway Classic + Tabard Inn

Despite my fondness for brunch, I had somehow never made it to the highly regarded Tabard Inn until this weekend. Now I can finally say that I’m a true DC bruncher.

Emily and I started the morning off with a lovely 10 mile run down the GW Parkway, and were greeted near the finish line by my mom, Dan, and our friend Justin. After our delicious dinner (and some wine) at Blue Duck Tavern on Friday night, my mom made a stop at CVS to pick up poster-making materials for the race. I spotter her and Dan as I approached the final stretch, and was so surprised by her postering skills. She couldn’t have gone with a more appropriate slogan: We Brunch and We Run.

After a great run (Emily ran close to her Boston race pace and kept herself from actually racing the race–and I beat my Cherry Blossom time/PRed), we hopped in the car and headed back in DC for a recovery brunch.

Having never been to the Tabard Inn, I was somewhat surprised by the decor and the general look and feel of the place. I called it funky, but my mom said it was “very New England.” I still thought it was a bit funky. And poorly lit. But the food was delicious!

The photos we took were TERRIBLE. Really. iPhone camera are pretty awful to begin with, and are even worse in dim lighting. So photo fail. Oops.

We started with the donuts (obviously). For some reason, my mom ordered a half dozen donuts even though there were only four of us. We made our way through five. The last is in my fridge for tonight 🙂

For our entrees, we went with:

  • Semolina Crusted Oysters with cheese grits, pork belly and spicy beurre blanc;
  • Huevos Rancheros on house-made tortillas, two salsas, refried black beans, avocado;
  • House-Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout Rillettes and House-Made Bagel
    with cream cheese, caper berries, horseradish crème fraîche;
  • and Eggs Benedict with house-made tasso ham.

I tried all of the dishes, and really liked them all. My least favorite was probably Dan’s oysters. The semolina was an odd flavor and an odd consistency, and the cheese grits didn’t quite do it for me. All of those flavors are great on their own, but it seemed like there was too much going on for a single dish.

My huevos rancheros and my mom’s eggs benedict were my favorites. The corn tortillas for the rancheros were delightfully flavorful, and added the perfect crunch to a dish that can oftentimes be lacking in texture.

The house-made ham on the benedict was one of the richest, most flavorful pieces of ham I have ever had, and was a beautiful contrast to the hollandaise. My mom doesn’t like her poached eggs runny (weird, if you ask me), and the chef did a good job of preparing the eggs to her liking. People are picky with their eggs, so I consider it a skill to get them right.

Emily’s dish, too, was incredibly tasty! The salmon was silky, and the whole wheat/sesame bagel tasted like it was baked with love.

At a very reasonable price, there is every reason to add the Tabard Inn into my normal rotation of brunch options. Just make sure you make a reservation well in advance, because their brunch fills up quickly!


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