Cheating at Passover

I chose to brunch at Cafe Bonaparte because they had a solid selection of omelets that I knew would be perfect for my cousin, his girlfriend and me during Passover a few weeks back. But deep down, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to avoid the temptation of those crepes.

But it’s okay. Because crepes aren’t leavened, right?

Cafe Bonaparte is a very cute, very French cafe/restaurant in Georgetown. They don’t take reservations for brunch, so there tends to be a crowd–but we got there right at ten and had no problem getting a table.

Each time a server walked by carrying their bread basket or a croissant, I craved the fresh baked goods–and I know I’ll have to go back now that I’m back to being a normal bread eater.

But even without a croissant, my meal was pretty damn good. Erin said her fruit parfait was nothing special and Jeremy was pretty pleased with his Van Gogh omelet (the vegetarian delight, which he got with sausage), but I was definitely the winner with my Florentine Crepe.

The crepe was filled with roma tomatoes, pine nuts and pesto, and topped with tomato sauce. And it was heavenly! Crepes at Cafe Bonaparte are actually served in twos, and there was no way I was finishing both of them–even though I really wanted to.

Cafe Bonaparte has a great atmosphere, and very quaint decor. It’s definitely a spot I’ll be going back to. And you can bet that this time I’ll be enjoying a croissant along with my crepe!


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One Response to Cheating at Passover

  1. e says:

    we need to go back for the bread basket–it’s delicious! even better though are kramer’s amuse-bouche-ish muffins they give you at brunch on the weekend!

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