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World’s Best Oatmeal

I love work-from-home days (I had one last week thanks to the “thundersnow”), because they mean I have ample time to make a delicious, filling breakfast. The first meal of the day is absolutely my favorite, and I never skip … Continue reading

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Back to the Races, Back to Basics

I’m baaack! After a great brunch at CoCo Sala today with some of my lovely college girlfriends, I decided that it was time to get back to brunch blogging. Since that last Campsite Brunch post over a month ago, I’ve … Continue reading

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Be Not Wasteful

When cooking for one or two, it’s often difficult to make use of all your ingredients–or your leftovers–before things start to go bad. After all, who wants to eat the same meal four or five nights a week? One of … Continue reading

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San Francisco Ski Lodge

So I guess this could be considered another example of my failings as a blogger because 1. I can’t find my camera cord to upload the photos of the awesome decor/vibe from my recent brunch and 2. I was so … Continue reading

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The Balanced Brunch

If your childhood was anything like mine (pretty darn good), your parents taught you to eat the rainbow. Or maybe you always had to have a meat, a starch and a vegetable. Either way, I grew up eating multi-part balanced … Continue reading

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Is Brunch Just a Trend?

Salon has a really interesting article today about America’s obsession with faddy foods (faddy..not fatty, though I’d say we probably have an obsession with the latter as well). One of the theories as to why we cling so eagerly to … Continue reading

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Where Night Meets Day

For some people, the day doesn’t begin when the sun rises. Rather, it signals the end of a long night at work and the perfect time to sleep. As we’ve said, brunch can be enjoyed at midnight or at 10 … Continue reading

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Monday Fun: Pop-Tarts

It’s Monday morning, which means today’s post is going to be a bit lighter than usual. Last week, I came across a post on Serious Eats about Pop-Tarts ice cream sandwiches. I don’t know about you, but Pop-Tarts were a … Continue reading

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Liquid Brunch

While both Emily and I are more than content to enjoy a tasty brunch sans a refreshing alcoholic counterpart, it would be blasphemous to ignore the role that hair of the dog plays in a brunch menu. Given our differing … Continue reading

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What Is Brunch, Part II

In conversations with friends about this blog’s subject, Rachel and I have discovered that brunch is a nebulous concept that many know but few can really define. I’ve already written about brunch as an experience, etc. and the fact that … Continue reading

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