In college, Rachel became infamous among her friends as a “bruncher” and never let a weekend go by without exploring a local brunch spot. She remains the go-to source for places to brunch in Durham, NC and is working to expand that knowledge to all of DC’s hidden brunch wonders.

As a native of Savannah, Emily knows all about the “ladies who lunch.” However, she has discarded this antiquated tradition and opted to become a forward-thinking “lady who brunches.” Emily is also the founder and president of our two-person Brunch Runs, in which we combine morning runs with delicious brunches to replenish all those lost calories.

Ladies Who Brunch is our place to share our findings of the best brunch places in DC, our compilations of our own culinary brunch masterpieces, and our thoughts on any random assortment of topics including (but not limited to) fashion, design, running, politics, DC, and Duke.


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  2. sharon says:

    this is so funny and great recipes..please subscribe

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